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The OMEGA Line of section forming machines produced by Comal Italia can be as simple and as sophisticated as the work of the customer requires. All models are fully hydraulic. These machines bend a wide range of structural steel sections, pipe, tubing and solid bars in every way imaginable.

OMEGA ( 9 models )

All Hydraulic
Heavy Duty

These machines are double pinch machines. These section bending machines are able to roll most structural sections leg in, leg out /easy way and the hard way. Control options are Manual, NC and CNC. Vertical and horizontal operation options. Lateral guides, manual or fully hydraulic.

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Three powered rolls with speed compensation on the top roll.On all models single speed is standard, variable speed is optional. On NC and CNC models, variable speed is included. For OMEGA 125 and larger machines, traction tools are available for bending UNP, INP and HE metric sections the hard way. Similarly S, WF and C American sections.
Also available is:

  • Spiral rolling attachments
  • Special tooling for rolling Pipe and Tubing with thin walls
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