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Machine Shop Services

Huscan Machinery is offering full range of conventional and CNC machining services:
turning, milling, surface grinding, slideway grinding and wire cutting.

Additionally, our quality control process assures that the items we produce confirm to the tolerances specified, and only highest quality parts are released.

Huscan is manufacturer of machine parts: IE. gears, crankshafts, press gibbs, press rams, lead screws, 7 nuts and clutch parts, special toolling, machine spare parts.

Machining Capacity:
32" conventional turning in gap 15" X 10 feet between centers
20" cnc turning x 4 feet between centers
Boring mill 48" x 100"
CNC milling 40" x 20" x 20"
Slideway and surface grinding 120" long x 30" wide x 32" high

HUSCAN Machinery Inc.
68 Covepark Dr. NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tel: (587) 350 4378, e-mail:info@huscan.com

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