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FOUR-MATIC 2000 with full automation/ feeding of blanks and ejection of rolled parts - an integrated system

FourMatic 2000 ( 15 models )

Rated at 50,000 psi/ 350 N/mm²
material Yield Strength

  • 0.6 to 2.5mm / 0.025" to 0.100" thickness
  • 500 to 1300mm / 20" to 51" width
  • Four-Roll Double Pinch Machines

  • The FourMatic 2000 is a specialized plate roll. It is made to roll thin gage steel, stainless steel and aluminum to small diameters ina serial production environment. It is easy to operate and when it is integrated with a blank loading cell plus automatic ejection,the system becomes a self sufficient manufacturing cell.
    The FourMatic 2000 design cleverly combines the functionality of a simplified design with the affordability of the machine to obtain the performance of a standard large plate roll. The latter being larger and intended for a range of heavier stock rolling, would not be as fast as the FourMatic 2000.

    Machine Standard Features
    Frame built of laser cut high strength steel, welded, stress relieved and sand blasted
    All UL listed GE electrical components or equivalent installed in a UL listed NEMA 12 equivalent electrical cabinet with master breaker
    Hydraulic unit by Rexroth and valves by Aron
    Hydraulic pinching and drop-end for Hydraulic version (FMH series)
    Pneumatic pinching and drop-end for Pneumatic version (FMP series)
    Full automatic cycle for high production
    Powered bending rolls movement by self breaking motor
    Rolls are hardened HRC 54 - 56, ground and assembled on bearings
    Control console on pendant attached to machine frame
    Two sequential axes programming installation
    Safety devices and service book according to CE Norms
    Optional Features and Equipment
    Automatic ejection of the bent piece by means of rod-less pneumatic cylinder
    Stacked blanks automatic feeding system integrated within the machine controls system
    Blank feed-in alignment system

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